Brands On F*cking Point

I don’t know if it’s just me, but good branding is something that fucking excites me. Like if you've got your branding together to a T from your colors, to the names of your products and just the overall theme of your brand and you go all out for your customer, I am SO in line to support that.


So today I want to share with you some of the coolest brands out there that are #slaying the branding game. They’re absolutely killing it, mastered their ONE thing and LOVE doing it. I admire that like no other.

Now, I just have to put it out there that I’m no branding expert but it’s definitely something that excites me like no other. It shows how much hard work a brand was willing to put not only into their image but the overall experience their customer has. It also inspires me quite alot in my pursuits to building my own personal brand. 


So what do I believe makes up a great brand when I see it?

  1. They stand out. They’ve figured out how to be different than others in their industry.
  2. They’ve established their aesthetic.
  3. Their messaging is cohesive + relatable.
  4. They show how much they cared by building their brand with their target customer in mind.
  5. They’ve found a way to make it fun + refreshing.


Shoutout to Lauryn over at The Skinny Confidential for inspiring this post. She recently shared a blog post about 5 Hustlers You Need To Know putting a few pretty epic people in the spotlight.

I was also listening in on her podcast the other day, The Skinny Confidential Him + Her podcast where they interviewed the founders of Drybar and I had heard of them before but decided to go check out their site because Lauryn + Michael were talking about just how much they loved the branding. And I have to agree with them. 


So when it comes to brands I feel are absolutely killing it + I admire, here are my faves:

(Quick disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated. I just love each and every brand + had to share them with you guys. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I do. And hopefully, it inspires you as much as it does me for what is actually possible if you’re into the whole business thing.) 


Drybar is different because they specialize in blowouts. They don’t do everything every other salon does: cuts or color, just blowouts.

They’ve established an aesthetic with grays and yellows, unlike other salon colors + branding. Every product they sell is branded around popular cocktails + mixed drinks. This is so much fun. 


I loved it so much I had to order myself a few products, one being their best selling drybar detox dry shampoo because I was all out of the drug store brand I had been using and hating anyway. I LOVE this product and will be auto-replenishing (AKA an automatic renewal program for select online Drybar products which includes 10% off + free shipping!) it once every 1-2 months depending on how fast I go through it. 


I also plan on trying out their dry conditioner on my next purchase. I picked up a lemon drop daily detangler brush as well as their morning after shower cap and they sent me a mini sample bottle of their Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler. I’ve literally been using their products everyday + I’m so excited to try out their dry conditioner. And hopefully I’ll get around to trying one of their blowouts at 1 of the 2 locations near me.


The Skinny Confidential

I honestly don’t know where to start with this girl. Lauryn Evarts is the beauty and the brains behind this stunning + super addicting brand. I follow her on everything + she literally pumps out the most entertaining, visually pleasing, super helpful + informative content every. single. day. And I cannnot get enough of it. She has been blogging for quite a long time + has put in so much work that I commend her for it all. It inspires me to work on my brand everyday even if it’s one small step in the right direction. 


She has a blog, a podcast (with her husband), a product line, an ebook, a book/guide, youtube channel, a ladies only facebook group and is killing it on every social media platform out there especially Snapchat. She is so real and so raw and super unapologetically herself, it’s so refreshing. You should definitely go check her out if you’re a young woman around your 20s who is interested in learning the best beauty, fitness, + lifestyle tips + tricks.


Sarah’s Day

I found Sarah through YouTube + once I found out she released an ebook, I had to have it. I'm on my second week of the ebook + am loving everything she has put together. The workouts are fun + alot simpler than I imagined they would be. But don’t get me wrong, simple does NOT mean easy. 


She also put together an app to go along with her e-book that tells me when to start + stop a  round depending on the workout + it’s so convenient. I love that I’m doing each workout for a certain period of time versus focusing on numbers + reps. Working out this way allows me to just focus on the burn + working on getting my form correct. I feel like the workout is actually working better than if I had focused on how many reps or sets I was doing.


Her workout program in the e-book has variety because you’re not confined to one type of workout. It switches up throughout the week + I love that. It keeps it interesting + challenging. All of the workouts in her e-book can be done at home or the gym but require nothing but you + your body weight. Which I love because it takes all the pressure off figuring out machines + how much weight to use, etc. You just show up + start working out. 


I love following her along on her YouTube channel where she shares all her best fitness + nutrition tips which I’m a little obsessed with secretly. 


Sugar Paper LA

I found Sugar Paper when I was shopping at Target. If you know me well, you know how much time I love spending in Target. If I could pick anywhere to window shop in, it would be Target, TJMaxx, + HomeGoods. I could spend hours in every single one of those stores as well as all the money in my bank account. Which is probably not the best thing. But who hasn’t spent too much at Target?


Anyway, I LOVE Sugar Paper’s line with Target + bought their padfolio in blush pink that came with the cutest notepad that went inside. I’ve since had to buy refills for the notepads because I go through them so much. I love how simple + pretty the paper is. I love writing on it, planning out my days, brain dumping, journaling, writing lists, or whatever type of writing I feel like doing, usually goes straight into my Sugar Paper notepad. I love it so much.


So there you have it. 4 brands that absolutely stand out to me + have caught my attention so good that I love throwing my hard earned money at them. A reasonable amount of course, haha. 


Tell me in the comments below if any of the above brands excite you or tell me what brands you love to throw your hard earned money at!