How to throw a bomb ass 21st birthday party

I am about to turn 24 soon but this past weekend I was down in Brigantine/AC for the weekend celebrating my boyfriend’s sister’s 21st birthday.

So I figured it’d only be fitting to write a blog post on the topic and share some great ideas I’ve found around the internet for hosting and throwing the best 21st birthday celebration. 

I had such a great time with all the girls!

We got down to the house in Brigantine Thursday night, freaked out during our tour of the place because of how sick it was, unpacked and chilled out at the house and drank the rest of the night.

Friday we went to the outlets, stopped for lunch, went back to the house to get ready to go out again, went to two local bars and came back to the house to drink the rest of the night after.

Saturday we all chilled out and waited for a few more girls to come down. We day drank, gave each other Miley buns, took a few group photos, walked around on the windy beach, and then Becky showed up with Patrone. We took a few shots, changed into our custom birthday girl entourage shirts and surprised the birthday girl lined up under her 'She's 21 Bitches' birthday banner. Then we all got dolled up and Uber'd to a club in AC. 

There's a lot that goes into planning a birthday celebration especially when it comes to planning it with a group of girls and for a weekend.

Kell's sisters and Mom did a great job planning everything.

I love to use Todoist to plan out and manage all my to-do lists for my blog, for my personal life, shopping lists, packing lists, etc.

This is a great tool to use to plan out the birthday celebration night/weekend so that you don't forget anything.

Here are some ideas for planning a birthday party for yourself or a friend...

Create custom party props

Birthday banner

Here's the banner we used and hung up for taking pictures under.

Insta photo booth frame

The number ’21’ balloons

Oh shit kits

Custom Koozies

Order some custom shirts

Get creative and make a drunk Barbie cake.

Buy and create a custom Snapchat Geotag

One of the girls did this for the birthday girl, Kell this past weekend. We were able to take pictures through Snapchat with the filter. Click here to create your own!

When you go to buy this, it gives you the option to draw a circle around the area you are staying in so you can use it there. (Excuse my duck face in the last photo. I was pretty tipsy when I took it haha)


Drinking games to play throughout the weekend

Cards against humanity

Kings Cup

Flip cup or Flippity Skip

Beer pong

Patrone Pinata 

Shot roulette

Birthday recipe ideas

Rose wine gummy bears

Birthday cake shots


Giant cookie


Birthday cake baked donuts

Birthday cake martinis


What to wear

The birthday girl pulled off the cutest combo, a backless romper with wedge-like heels and a thin + dainty long necklace 


If you're spending a whole weekend for someone's birthday, there will be a range of different types of outfits you will be wearing out each day + night. 

Beach outfits

'Chill out + day drink at the house' outfits

Gift Ideas

Francesca’s has the cutest little gift contenders (I got the birthday girl a wine glass and wine stopper from here)

A bottle of something. Duh. I feel that no matter what you get the birthday girl if it's for a 21st birthday, you must gift her a bottle of something too.

Buy a beverage tub and fill it up with big and mini bottles as well as everything she will need help cure her recover from the night/weekend.

If you aren't sure of what the birthday girl wants, ask her or someone close to her. You can even stalk her Pinterest for ideas. What girl in her 20s doesn't use Pinterest?


Giant wine glass

+ a few tips

Rent a house or a hotel suite with the girls. We were lucky enough to stay in a gorgeous house down the shore at no cost but you can find a pretty decent place if everyone goes in on it.

Uber XL to the club and decide beforehand who will be riding together 

Make sure to figure out pay for ubers + the club all figured out before hand.

Take a million photos. This one is a given, but never underestimate too many photos. I regret not taking more.

Stock up on plenty of beer and if you are anything like our group of girls, someone will be showing up with Patrone ready to get the party started!

Bring an Instax camera with you to take pics throughout the weekend. You can hang them up for decoration as you take them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.02.21 PM.png

Create a music playlist ahead of time with plenty of songs lined up to play all weekend 

Don't forget extra bra tape!

Our good friend Jess brought a self-tanner that looked so bomb on her and the birthday girl. You can get that here.

Cheers to whatever night/weekend you throw with your girls! I hope this blog post was helpful! 

Use disposable shot glasses.

Comment below any of your ideas for throwing the most bomb birthday celebration ever!


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