My August 2017 Favorites

I feel like I JUST wrote a favorites post for July. I CANNOT believe it’s already September 1st + it already feels somewhat like fall. I’m kind of freaking out though because it’s gotta be EVERYONE’S favorite time of the year, amirite? I’d say so.


Before I get carried away talking about all the things I think we are all anticipating about fall, I want to share with you some things I freaking loved using this past month. (1).png

My first favorites this month are the products I ordered from Drybar + that would be the dry shampoo, the shower cap + hair brush


One thing I've been obsessing over that my boyfriend got me as a gift for our 4 year anniversary, is my Apple Watch.


My NutriBullet

I love making smoothies in this. It is so easy to clean + use.


My bkr water bottle that I got in my Summer FabFitFun Box.

I seriously want this in every size and in every color. They’re a little bit on the pricier side but they are not only super cute, but they’re glass which means I’m not consuming any chemicals from plastic and the silicone cover doesn’t stain and is easy to wipe off anything that gets on it so it stays pretty clean.


All of my chokers.

I cannot go out or put on a cute outfit without adding a choker to it. I have about 20 something chokers and I want more.


My black diamond shaped pop socket I got from Francesca’s.

I checked online everywhere and could only find a black popsocket so that’s what I have linked in case you were looking for a new pop socket.

Quick tip for ya, I like to make sure I’m putting the pop socket on the actual phone case and not the back of the phone itself. This way I can put any case on my phone and have a pop socket for each phone case I have so it matches too.


My two favorite Dove products are the foaming body wash as well as their deodorant. 


I’ve been loving St. I'ves for a handful of years now + have a green tea scrub as well as an oatmeal scrub. 

I use them in the shower everyday on my face. I also use a cleanser in between the two. 


I gave in this month + ordered from Kylie’s Birthday Collection 

I ordered the Twenty Lip Kit + could not resist not checking out my cart without that gorgeous makeup bag.

If you know me at all I love my bags especially makeup bags.

I want to buy all the makeup bags in VS everytime I’m in that store it's so bad.


And last, but certainly not least is my Maybelline setting spray.

I love spritzing this shit all over my face after I’ve put on my face for the day (aka put on some makeup to make me look like a normal, not so scary looking human being.)