My July 2017 Favorites You'll Love

It may be over a week into August already, but there's a few things I’ve literally been obsessed with. I’ve shared a few of them on my Snapchat in the past + if you’re on snap, add me! Just open your snapchat camera and hold down on the screen over the snapcode below to add me.


I have a total of about 11 favorites this month + I basically use 99% of them every single day. I can't wait to share with you everything I've been loving lately! Keep on reading!

My first favorite is a perfume I’ve been using every day since the day I bought it. I was up the mountains at the American Eagle outlet + I was impatiently waiting in line to check out + decided to smell the perfumes they had on display. I picked up this gem of a bottle + could not put it back down because it smelled so good. I just ran out of it today + need to go grab a brand new bottle of it, it’s THAT GOOD. No joke. 


My second favorite (one I use multiple times in a day) is my Quip toothbrush. This baby is great because I don’t have to worry about buying a new toothbrush every once in a while. Instead, they send me refills every 3 months for $5. Love it. Not only that, but it’s a vibrating toothbrush that vibrates for a total of 2 minutes with 30 second intervals for each of the 4 sections of your mouth so that you’re brushing your pearly whites long enough. Love that. It also comes with a toothbrush holder that I keep it in when I'm not using it + makes it super easy to pack it in my overnight or travel bag.


My next favorites are two Victoria’s Secret sports bras that I love to wear when I workout. They’re so damn cute + super comfortable. And they’re in the cutest colors too. I’m pretty sure I got them for $25 buy one get one free. Win + win. I love wearing cute clothes when I workout because it gives me that little extra push of motivation to get a really good workout in. I’ll be putting out a blog post soon about the different ways I stay motivated to get my sweat on. 


Okay so if you know me, you know how much pride I take in my hair. I’ve been growing it out and it’s almost to a length that I love. Right now it’s probably about down to my elbows. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde + every five plus weeks, I get a touchup on my blonde highlights as well as some colorons in my hair at the shampoo bowl. My aunt is my hair stylist + she works at a high end salon + specializes in color. I’ll be doing a separate blog post soon about how I take care of my blonde hair as well as my shower routine (because I give credit to my shower routine for how soft my hair turns out). Anyway, this next product I’ve been using for a while + it was recommended to me by my aunt who used it on my hair all the time when I would come into the salon. And to be honest, it’s a great product + all + works great (I run it through the ends of my damp hair after I get out of the shower) but o.m.g. it smells….SO GOOD. Probably the main reason I use it ahah. I also use it to tame those annoying little fly aways. 


So my birthday was May 1 + this year I turned 24. I needed an outfit for my birthday outing + brought my good friend Amanda to the mall with me to help me pick out an outfit. She found this black sexy AF bralette in Aerie + I would’ve never seen it hadn’t I brought her with me. She basically picked out my entire outfit for me so shoutout to Amanda for making me look good on my birthday. If you’re reading this right now, thanks girl! Love ya! Anyway, I LOVE bralettes + would choose to wear them ALL THE TIME if I could. But to be honest, as comfy + as cute as they can be, they make you look so flat chested! And I’m almost flat chested as it is so sometimes I need to wear a wired pushup bra here and there.


So I’ve never really had a desire for one of these, but for our 4 year dating anniversary, my boyfriend bought me a rose gold series 2 apple watch + I’ve been OBSESSED since the day I got it. I wear it ALL THE TIME. Even in my sleep. Because it helps me track my sleep. + my workouts, and so much more. I’ll be writing a blog post on this soon!


I recently got myself a wine subscription. I love wine especially if it’s Pinot Grigio. It’s a company called Winc + I got $20 off my first order so I couldn’t resist 4 wines for like $40 something. The bottle packaging on each bottle of wine is so cute + instagram worthy! You can skip any month + there are no fees if you decided to go ahead and skip a month.


Okay so normally I don’t really invest in high end makeup. Mainly because to me it’s intimidating + I’m no beauty guru. I wish I was because I love doing my makeup + love the feeling of a fresh face of makeup. It’s also a confidence booster for me + so much fun to look + feel sexy. Anyway, I went into Sephora one day looking for a particular lipstick by Mars but they were out of it. So I ended up buying a lipstick by Bite Beauty + I wear it every single time I do my makeup.  I got it in the color Sugarcane but I looked on the Sephora website + it looks like they don't sell that color anymore but Pale Pink is the closest to it.


Around the beginning of summer, I got eyelash extensions. I kept them up for a few months + got a refill. My brother’s girlfriend Julia did them for me + one day I decided (like an idiot) that I wanted to try and curl my natural lash over the lash extensions with an eye lash curler. I accidentally ripped out half the lashes so I had no choice but to remove all my lash extensions on both sides. I loved those extensions + cannot wait to get them back on because you don’t have to wear mascara! But for now, until I get them back on again, I have to share with you my favorite EVER mascara. I’ve been using Maybelline products since I was in middle school + started learning how to wear makeup. I LOVE this mascara and I always make sure I get the waterproof one in black + I always have to curl my lashes before applying it otherwise my lashes shoot straight down. 


This next favorite is another product I’ve been using since I started learning how to wear makeup. They’re the Neutrogena makeup wipes and when I say they feel so good + get all the makeup off efffortlessly, omg. The best part about putting on my makeup is also taking it off later that night. And these wipes are perfection.


If you’re still using tampons + pads every month when you’re on the dot, I feel so sorry for you! Ever since I ditched tampons + started using the menstrual cup, my periods have been hella smoother. I wrote a blog post about this favorite already + it’s the menstrual cup. The one I’m using right now is the Lunette cup + when I first starting wearing the cup, I bought one by the brand the Diva Cup. I love this product so much + refuse to ever go back to the uncomfortable, pain in the ass tampons. If you haven’t already, invest in a menstrual cup. Your vagina + your bank account will thank me later. I talked about how much you actually save by making the switch here.


So that’s all for my July Favorites. I have so many more but am saving them for the end of August + future months because this post would be a mile long. So make sure you hop up on my email list to be notified when those blog posts go live. Or follow me on snap. I share when any blog post goes live. Don’t miss out, girlfriend!


Comment below your July Favorites! I'd love to check out what products you're loving!